Sweet Start Coffee Roasts

Roasting is a full sensory experience. There are the pops of first crack and the steady crackle of the second crack. The changes in the beans themselves as they darken and their structures break down. The smoke signaling changes in temperature and bean.

We currently take our bean to four different roasting levels:

City +: This is our blonde roast. Light roasts are light brown in colour with a light body and no oil on the surface. They have a toasted grain taste and pronounced acidity. This roast has the most caffeine and flavour of the origin.

Full City: This is the roast level we serve as a pour-over at Farmers’ Markets. Full City is roasted past the first crack but pulled prior to reaching the second crack. The beans will be a rich caramel colour with very little oil. The flavours of the origin can be savoured.

Full City+: Full City+ is the “dark side” of a Full City roast. This is where the bean has barely entered the second crack. A few snaps are heard and the roast is then stopped. It’s a perfect blend of our dark and mediums in one bean!

Vienna: Vienna is where the beans have come to second crack. The beans will just begin to show an oily sheen. Darker roasts have a pronounced roasted taste, but less caffeine. This is the darkest we take our coffee for it still retains flavour from the origin

Order your favourite roast online for pick-up! Visit https://sweetstartcoffee.square.site/ for details!

Sweet Start Coffee Roasts