It started with a Whirley Pop.

Mike and I have always shared a fondness for excellent coffee. It was the main attraction for many of our first dates. From brunch to mid-morning connections, coffee was one of the key ingredients to cementing our bond.

We often featured locally roasted beans in our vacation suite for guests or visiting family and friends. That was until we bought the Whirley Pop on a whim.

Whirley Pop popcorn makers are known to make the best popcorn. The interactive roasting device depends upon a human to turn the crank and move the kernels.

But as a coffee roaster? Turns out the little device is a fantastic coffee roaster. Using the side burner on our barbecue, Mike roasted coffee in ou backyard for about three years.

Mike roasting a small batch of coffee in the Whirley Pop while the house supervisor, our cat Random, looks on.

Eventually, we realized we may need to expand our efforts as our vacation suite became more popular and friends and family from the states visited a bit more often.

Sweet Start Coffee Roastery - Gibsons BC

That is when we bought the drum roaster, which looks a little like a cement truck when operating. It doesn’t take manpower to move the beans and stabilizes the heat a bit more than the barbecue.

Our personal love for coffee brewed up a new business idea. We are now nano roasters (very small batch) that brings the freshest coffee to our house and guests.

Where to find Sweet Start Coffee Roastery:

Gibsons Sunday Market
Persephone Beer Farm
Sundays through September 1
10am – 3pm

Roberts Creek Community Farm Market
Roberts Creek Hall
1:30pm – 5:30pm