Gibsons BC Landing Getaway VacationThe word “holoholo” is a Hawaiian term for taking a trip or ride for pleasure. It’s like going out for a Sunday drive with no real destination in mind. It’s hitting the open roads without a list of errands or even an agenda. It’s catching a ferry for the Sunshine Coast for a bit of R&R.

Personally, I think every great trip starts with a short ferry ride. There’s something about the mellow time when your not driving on a road, worried about getting there on time and can just anticipate the upcoming adventure once you dock on the other side.

While everyone knows the benefits of vacation, did you know the same applies to the short, quick weekend getaways? A couple of days outside of your normal element to you’re not engaged with daily concerns and in a new area can go a long way towards recharging your batteries.

A few benefits to a Getaway to the Sunshine Coast, include:

1) Stress Reduction
A break from the daily grind (even weekend chores) can relieve your mind and body of worries. Reducing the stress in your life opens yourself up to a new perspective on life and renewed energy. Simply put, by putting our lives on hold for a moment, we put the spring back into our step.

2) Opens the Door to Creativity
Some people take walks. Others seek new visual input. Studies have found a positive relationship between vacations and intellectual function. A well-rested mind that is free of worry is often more effective. It has the ability to sync up loose ends and troubleshoot. It’s why showering or washing the dishes often lead to the eureka moment.

3) Connect with Family (or Yourself)
It’s easy in today’s interconnected world to lose touch with those close to us. We live in a time when everyone is sharing but we rarely take the time to really listen, connect, interact. Time outside of our routines gives us a reason to ditch the phones and forget about the car pool schedule. Focus on what is important to us.

4) Exploring Leads to New Appreciation
They say that moving to a foreign country can help with the creativity process. While there, one must figure out new customs, streets, language and methods of getting the basic stuff done. I think even traveling to a new city can foster the same creative flow. You are trying new restaurants, exploring new trails and interacting with different people. It’s a great way to further your horizons and discover something new — possibly, something new about you.

Don’t you think your due a getaway?

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