Pour Over Coffees - Clever Drippers

One of the more popular questions we are asked at the farmers’ markets is “what is a pour-over coffee?”

Pour over coffees rely on hot water and gravity to extract the coffee from the grounds and into your cup.

We use what is called a CLEVER DRIPPER for our market coffees which allows us to make an impressive cup of coffee without the residue at the bottom of the cup. It’s like a French press without the mess.

We simply pour 200 degrees Fahrenheit (97 degrees Celcius) over the freshly ground coffee in the cone and let it steep for two minutes before letting the amazing coffee drip into your cup.

The added bonus is that it makes a single cup of artisan coffee wherever you have hot water. We take ours traveling and use it for our daily brew at home.

Once you try pour-over, there’s no going back.

We serve up pour overs EVERY WEDNESDAY at the Roberts Creek Community Farm Market from 1:30pm – 5:30pm (and, yes, we have decaf!).

Come try a pour over today!