Walking Routes in Gibsons BCI often refer to Gibsons BC as a natural StairMaster. Built on a hill, one could hit their daily FitBit daily activity limit by just going for a stroll.

So, what are the great places to walk in Gibsons? Here are just a few of our favourites:

Arrowhead Park
Named according to it’s shape, Arrowhead Park is a short scenic forest walk and bird sanctuary located between Trueman Road and Harmony Lane in Gibsons Landing.  There is no elevation, but slightly rocky trail. Walking shoes are advised.

Gibsons Seawalk
Gibson Seawall is an easy stroll along the shoreline around Gibsons harbour. The path starts at Armours Beach off Marine Drive in Lower Gibsons and winds its way along the backside of the Lower Gibsons village and past the Wharf. The walk continues up through Winegarden Park.

Inglis Trail
Looking to increase your heart rate? Most of the Inglis Trail is on a gentle grade with a few steep switchbacks on the lower portion. Good walking shoes are advised.

The trail starts at the top of Winn Road (where the PO is located). Head straight up the hill and make a left. About halfway down the road, the trail is on your right. It will take you up the Gibsons Hill to Shaw Road in upper Gibsons (Sunnycrest Mall).

Walk the Bluff
The bluff offers a change in elevation, scenic views and a bit of a change from the downtown area. Head along Gower Point Road through Lower Gibsons, past the post office and the Gibsons Public Market. Gower Point Road becomes Dougall Road. Continue until you come to a roundabout, turn right onto Headlands Road. The next left, is Skyline and it takes you straight up the hill (hang right to continue going up). Turn left to continue on Skyline around the bluff. It will take you around and back down to Headlands Road.

Spyglass Lookout
This one can be steep, but with stunning views. From lower Gibsons, walk up Winn Road (where post office is located) to Abbs Road. Turn right on Abbs. Between 541 and 543 Abbs Road is a path lined with roses that goes between the two houses. The path continues up to O’Shea Road or you can veer off it at Spyglass. Take the left at Spyglass and this will offer you a scenic view of the surrounding islands on your way to O’Shea Road. Take a left on O’Shea and follow it until Shaw Road. Right on Shaw Road and you are at Sunnycrest Mall.

Enjoy your walk! Tell us where you’ve gone!


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