Order Online Delivery

Things are changing very quickly and hourly with the COVID-19 virus and our community on the Sunshine Coast. We are touched by the sense of oneness and how neighbours are helping neighbours. We will emerge stronger. I believe that.

Mike and I have been struggling to find the balance between continuing to offer goods to support local farmers’ markets and the vendors while trying not to portray a sense of normalcy.

The latest update on the COVID-19 virus from physicians on the Coast sealed it for us.

We don’t sell a necessary item (okay, it is to us) and we can alter our daily lives to help and protect the more vulnerable in the community.

While we won’t be at farmer’s markets, we will deliver fresh-roasted coffee (whole bean or ground) to you at home (even just dropping it on your doorstep). Order online at sweetstartcoffee.com or via email at [email protected].

Stay safe. Spread the love. Not the virus.