Best Time to Visit Sunshine Coast, BC GibsonsTo say I am an early riser would be a gross understatement. I love getting a jump on my day and being up in time to greet the sun before it starts its work day.

This morning I was awaken by a subtle glow streaming through my bedroom curtains that eventually swept an amber hue through my entire room like some magical paintbrush. At first, I tried to reason with myself that perhaps I had slept later than intended or that it was the garage light of one of my Gibsons area neighbors. That wasn’t the case.

The sun has started to shift its wake up time, bringing sunrise earlier. To me, it is just another sign that spring is close at hand . . . and honestly, I can’t wait.

Spring’s arrival on the coast is a beautiful transition period that takes us from the various shades of gray and frost into a prismatic world of color. It’s kind of like when Dorothy opened her front door to find she is in Oz. Yeah. It feels like that. The pops of color and aromatic smells of flowers flood our yards, homes and lives.

The temperatures warm just enough that you can lose a layer or two, but is crisp enough that a light jacket is still needed. It is when you feel the urge to open every window in your house and let it air out with the ocean breezes.

It may be a bit too cold for hitting the harbour in a kayak, but the Sunshine Coast offers many outdoor adventures. There is hiking, beachcombing and cycling. This is also the time of year when people start spring cleaning and signs for yard sales pop up at intersections.

The official high season for the popular Sunshine Coast isn’t until late May, even June. But the splendors of the relaxed, laid back community are felt all year long.

I’m just a bit partial to spring. I’m an early riser, as I said. And it’s an early spring.

— Weegee Sachtjen

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