Reusable Coffee Filter - CoffeeSock - How to Clean

The culture of coffee can be single-use. From disposable cups to one time filters, there is a lot of waste when it comes to brewing a cup of Joe.

Or at least there used to be.

Sweet Start offers a cup of pour-over coffee in a ceramic for people wandering around the farmers’ markets where we sell. We also offer compostable cups for those who need to take their coffee on the road – for an additional cost.

We also resale the CoffeeSock, a reusable organic cotton filter that delivers a premium tasting coffee again and again. These durable filters last up to a year or more and perform amazingly! Believe me, we use ours multiple times a day!

Clean up is quick, easy and great for your garden. Since many people have asked about this process, here is how you clean a CoffeeSock:

  1. Empty the sock into your compost or directly into the garden.
  2. Turn your CoffeeSock inside out and rinse into a bowl in your sink.
  3. Squeeze out the excess water and allow CoffeeSock to dry.
  4. You can either empty the bowl into your garden or drain it into a sieve to catch all the coffee grounds.
  5. Empty sieve contents into compost.
  6. All done!