French Press Without the Press - Stir

Happy French Press Friday!

Friday mornings are Treat Fridays in our house. Our standard steel-cut oats and pour-over coffees are replaced with a homemade goodie and French press coffee.

French Press Friday - Treat Friday

It was a tradition started back when the hubster and I wanted a treat to say “Whew, we made it through the week” but didn’t have the funds to hit a local donut shop every week.

While Treat Friday has been around for almost 10 years, we have only learned the trick for awesome French press coffee:

Don’t press your French press coffee.

Wait, what?


The French Press is a seep method of coffee brewing (where the coffee soaks in 200-degree water for four to eight minutes). Once the coffee has seeped to the point of personal preference, people usually plunge down the filter to “press” the coffee to the bottom of the glass container.

French Press - Don't Plunge Coffee

The plunger/press is a filter and will work at any level, but the easiest way to infuse the coffee into the water is to stir the grounds at the halfway mark of the seeping time.

Stir French Press Grounds

Stirring the grounds agitates the coffee (release more flavour) and it releases the air around the grounds — letting them sink and settle.

How to Make French Press Coffee

When you pour the coffee, the grounds will linger at the bottom of the container and reduce the amount that results in sludge at the bottom of the coffee cup. It also will have a more robust flavour.

Give it a try and let me know your results!

French Press Without the Press

FYI – Our coffee is freshly roasted. While the beans are given a chance to off-gas, they will have more air associated with them when ground.

How to Make French Press Coffee