Both the 1 (Langdale Ferry/Sechelt) and the #90 Langdale/Sechelt Express stops near our house.

Bus passes cost $2.25 but day passes can be purchased at the Gibsons Store on Marine Drive in Lower Gibsons (next to Gramma’s Pub, with the giant bear out front)

To Upper Gibsons/Roberts Creek/ Davis Bay/Sechelt: Catch the bus at the mailboxes near Hicks Lane on Gibsons Way. For timing, look at the Marine Bus Shelter Stop (for the #90) and the Franklin/Gower Point Road timing point (#1) to know approximately when to be at the bus stop.

When you come home, get off the bus at Fletcher Road (shortly after the Gibsons Legion Hall on the right).

To Lower Gibsons/Langdale Ferry: Walk up the hill to Fletcher Road, cross to the other side and there should be a bench to catch the bus. For timing, look at Sunny Crest Mall Stop to know approximately when to be at the stop.

When coming home, get off at the bus at Hicks Lane mailboxes (stop after the Mexican restaurant Fridas)

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